Kyudo directly translates to "way of the bow", "Way" being understood as a path of personal development. It is the japanese art of archery, a martial art. It is a world full of beauty, elegance and refinement as well as a discipline that demands much persistence and sincerity by those who decide to practice it.

The physical act of shooting cannot be disassociated from the mind and spirit. There can also not be a dichotomy between mind and body nor between technique and spirit. This might not be very obvious to the western mind, it is however a fundamental thing to understand in the Kyudo practice.

Throughout years of practice this discipline helps us face our weaknesses. It permits the blooming of the, seemingly forgotten, dignity within us.

The Spanish Kyudo Association (AEK) is a way of entry into this world. It welcomes any person who wishes to explore it and take on Kyudo with an open, sincere and respectful attitude.